Streamline Your Video Marketing

A Start Guide to Video Marketing

STEP 1: Pick The Right Type of Video

There are a lot of different types of video used to market a business. Some of the most popular types are: short commercials, website videos, customer testimonial videos and social media videos. 

Video for social media can fall into a few different subtypes. For example, a content marketing video wherein a businesses owner shows something interesting about their product or service can be a short Reel on Facebook or a longer video on YouTube.

Content marketing videos also tend to be serialized in that multiple videos are produced and published according to a set schedule. 

Reservoir Video Co. can help you figure out what videos to make.

STEP 2: Capture and Edit Your Videos

There are 3 ways you can get finished video products: 

Reservoir Video Co. will handle all the video capture and editing for you and you can give as much feedback as you like. 

STEP 3: Publishing & Paid Advertising

Once a video is complete, some might be surprised at how much work is still required to ensure that your video is doing its job. And navigating the different aspect ratios and requirements across publishing platforms can be a little daunting.

Reservoir Video helps you navigate the market and ensure that your videos are getting seen.

Paid advertising also plays a role in the success of your marketing efforts and there are different types of video advertising to consider: 

Reservoir Video Co. can help you plan your ad campaign and monitor the results with ad reports.