How to make a video

We totally get it. You want to save some coin and create marketing videos using your own gear and talent. Let's go over some things you can do to start making videos without breaking the bank.

The Camera

There's a good chance that the camera you need to make video is already in your pocket.  iPhones are have great capabilities when it comes to producing video, but any smart device will do. Here are a few things to help guide your process: 

Capturing Tips

The Lights

You don't have to be a professional cinematographer to appreciate the added benefit of throwing up a couple lights. Here is a light kit that can get you started: 

Why is a light kit such as the one in the link above so handy? There are a few reasons: 

Lighting Tips

With regards to how or in what situations to use these lights the easiest answer is use them for everything. There probably isn't a shot you can think of that can't benefit from a little more lighting: 

The Audio

Nothing is more distracting in a video than bad audio. Good news is that there is a cheap solution for that. If you have an iPhone 14 or lower you can get this: For other devices try this one:

Why are these wireless lavalier (lav, lapel or clip) microphones so great? There's a few reasons: 

Wireless Lavalier Tips

The Camera Support

When it comes to freeing up your hands so that you can do other things while the camera is recording you might want to consider a camera support such as this:

Why is this product so handy? There's a few reasons: 

The Editing

Editing a video on your phone can be quick and straightforward with the right apps and a few basic tips. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

Remember that while smartphone video editing apps are versatile, they may have limitations compared to desktop software. For more advanced editing, you may want to transfer your video to a computer and use dedicated video editing software.

You can also upload your video to Reservoir Video Co.'s video portal and we will do the editing for you.