Video marketing success stories

Case Study #1: Local Event Promotion

Video marketing can be a great way to attract attendees to local events. Take the case of a local craft beer garden. The beer garden's owners Ken and Molly chose Reservoir Video Co.'s cinema package when they decided it was time to kick up their video marketing game.

The first goal was simple: start collecting great footage of the garden's on going action and events. This was all accomplished over the course of one summer season. (The beer garden business is seasonal and is only open during the warm months.) 

When the next warm season rolled around the owners then hired Reservoir Video again to turn some of the footage that was gathered during the prevoius season into a 30 second commercial for an up coming food truck festival.

30 second event promotion for a food truck festival

Facebook has always been one of the garden's best ways to build a local fan base and so an ad campaign was launched a few weeks prior to the event using Meta's ad manager (as opposed to "boosting" a post). The results of the campaing were quite satisfying. The food truck commercial amassed over 64,000 views, 118 comments and 653 reactions. Cheers to that!

Case Study #2: The Jewelry Shop

You don't need to tell a retailer that marketing and advertising can help give their business a boost. And there are a lot of ways to go about doing video marketing for a local jewerly shop in particular. 

The jewelry shop in this case study, Plumb Gold & Plumb Silver (two shops with complimentary store fronts on Main Street), has an established Shopify store and currently experiments with social media posts that link directly to items in their online shop.

However, when it came time for the shop owner to start taking their video marketing more seriously there was a deeper desire at play. The owner wanted to create awareness about the shop in general (that it even exists in downtown) and awareness about the shop's story, passionate staff and interior atmosphere.

It wasn't enough to just make videos about products and link them to an online shop. The owner wanted to create a real understanding and connection between what his store means to him and his place in the community. The store's slogan, after all, is "beyond jewlery." 

So Reservoir Video launched a full-on awareness campaing to address all these needs. And we went about it by creating three individual products that can be used by any business:

30 second commercial

Website video

One installment from a series of content marketing vidoes for the jewelry shop

Case Study #3: Get The Wrinkles Out

A local dentist and her family have been in business for over 30 years and when it comes to drawing in new customers dentistry tends to do really well via local word of mouth. Especially when you're a family business with decades' worth of local connections. 

But when the dentist in this case study wanted to branch out and add a totaly new service offering to her business it looked like the right time to do some video marketing. Facial aestheic treatments is the new service offering and that includes the types of procedures that go hand-in-hand with cosmetic dentistry. 

Word of mouth might not have been enough to really kick start the dental office's new serivce and so Reservoir Video was called in to do our thing. And you can probably guess what we did? Yep. We produced a commerical and launched a connected TV campaign.

30 second commerical for facial aesthetic treatments (and lasar hair removal)

Within just a few days after the ad launched reports came trickling in that people were seeing the ad on premiere network television brands like Fox News Network's Fox and Friends. And within just two weeks over 3,000 impresions where served on Fox and over 1,500 impressions where served on CBS New's smart TV app.

The commerical was highly targeted to local audiences only. This was done to help ensure that people seeing the ad lived within reasonable driving distance from the dental office and would therefore be more likey to book a session.

Another good thing about conntected TV ads is that they don't appear deep within long commercial blocks like ads on traditional cable TV do. Ad breaks on smart TV apps tend to be shorter and show only 1 to 2 ads at a time thus increasing the chance for a captive audience. 

Audience data after two weeks into the connected TV campaign: Fox, CBS, MTV, AMC are all household namebrands