Full-service media creation

We proudly serve many industries including: manufacturers, nonprofits, local governments, educational institutions, real estate, tourism and small businesses. 

From concept to delivery

We know you've been kicking around the idea of hiring out your media production needs for a long time. Maybe you've read articles about social media marketing and feel a need to tell your company's story. Maybe you've got a new product or service you're launching and need to promote it.  Or maybe you need to attract more talent to your organization. Whatever the case may be, Reservoir Video Co.  is eager to give you a free assessment and if you're picking up what we're putting down, then let's start the process and get it done.

Producing & Directing

Different customers have different needs and no two productions are alike in scope or budget. We are flexible and can scale our productions to fit your needs. There's a lot of creative talent in our network ready to go to work for you and once we have the green light... it's showtime.

Post Production

Post production—aka video editing—is really where the magic happens around here. Our post process includes media managment, rough cutting, fine cutting, music and final graphics. Additional post processing can also include logo animation and other motion graphic elements. We also welcome your team's feedback during the final stages and can't wait for the day when we can share our hard work with your audience. 

Ad Serving

This is where the real rubber meets the road. Your commerial needs to be seen and conversions need to be tracked. You need to know your ROI and see how your money is working for you to create awarness about your brand and boost your business growth. Reservoir Video can run your add on all the major platforms and connected devices and provide data on how your ads are performing.